Riku Sanada
Young Riku KH (Art)
(真田リク, Sanada Riku)

Voice actor

Eiji Shima (child)

Mamoru Miyano (teen/adult)


January 9






122 cm


27 kg




Shigeru Sanada (father)

Rei Hatsuyuki (mother)

Hatori Sanada (half-brother)

Kiyomi Sanada (paternal grandmother)

Yukimura Sanada (paternal great-grandfather)

Riku (リク) is Shigeru's son and heir of the Sanada clan.

Personality Edit

Riku is a calm, cool, collected child who is not afraid to go far beyond his limits. He is also somewhat cold but respectful. He loves his father, Shigeru Sanada but the latter always pushed him away. As a result, Riku grew to resent his father and envy his deceased half-brother, Hatori. However, he has a good and loving relationship with his paternal grandmother, Kiyomi, who mainly raised him.

Appearance Edit

Riku is a young boy with short silver hair, ice blue eyes and pale skin. He wears a high-collared, sleeveless yellow shirt with a zipper that reaches to roughly the location of his sternum. He wears black shorts and white shoes with grey soles and blue stripes on either side. Riku also has light blue wristbands on each of his hands, along with a thinner, yellow band around each blue one.

Trivia Edit

  • Riku was based on the character with the same name from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.
  • January 9th, Riku's birthday, was Coming of Age Day in Japan in 2012.
  • Riku's name means "land" in Japanese.