Reunited is chapter 11 of Raven's Fall fanfiction by Kai Maciel.

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  • First Note:
This chapter is a bit smaller, but I hope you'll enjoy it as well. Last chapter's reviews were a surprise; I never expected so many Bleach fans. Thanks for enlightening me about Ichigo. Good read!
  • Second Note:
Well… I hope you liked it. I tried not to make their reunion too sappy. Dissidia Final Fantasy in Japanese is a great game, btw! Besides, it seems it's got almost the entire Naruto's voice cast! So far I've found the voice actors of Itachi (Squall), Sasori (Cloud), Pain (The Emperor), Konan (Ultimecia), Iruka (Warrior of Light), Temari (Zidane), Gaara (Kuja), Minato (Sephiroth, really!), Matsuri (Lightning and Aerith), Manda (Jecht) and Yashamaru/Hiruko from the movie (Bartz). For the Bleach fans, Tidus is voiced by the same actor who plays Ichigo.
In the English version I wasn't playing as much attention because I only hear their dubbed voices in the games, but I found Sasuke (Cecil from Final Fantasy IV). The actor is Yuri Lowenthal, right?
Also, I'm part of the people who claim that Noctis, from the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII Versus, looks just like a blue eyed Sasuke! Sorry for rambling ^_^ See ya soon!