Reborn from the Ashes
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Kanji リボーン灰の中から
Rōmaji Hai no naka kara umarekawaru
Chapter 3
Arc Rebirth Arc
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Reborn from the Ashes (リボーン灰の中から, Hai no naka kara umarekawaru) is the chapter 3 of the Phoenix Rising.

Summary Edit

Naruto left Konoha secretly in order to find Sasuke and kill him. On the night of July 22nd, Sasuke's birthday eve, Naruto finally found him after Sasuke had wiped out another village in the Land of Mountains. As Sasuke is about to kill a woman and her young son, Naruto saved them and urged them to run before finally engaging in combat with his former teammate. When Sasuke used Tsukuyomi against Naruto, a chakra projection of Itachi Uchiha appeared and, after immobilizing his little brother, told Naruto that he won't have to fight Sasuke anymore and to take care of his brother. As Naruto's chakra is taken from his body, he fainted while the chakra is used to regress Sasuke and erase all his memories. When Naruto wakes up in the morning, he went to Sasuke's discarded clothes on the ground and cried, believing his best friend has died. When he heard whimpers coming from the clothes, Naruto was shocked to find a newborn baby boy.

Author's Note Edit

  • First Note: Hey there again! Like I said, this chapter is a lot longer. I don't think I can make all chapters as long as this one, some will be shorter others will be longer. Also, I love my reviewers, thank you all for your support.
Alert: Sasuke's swearing (which is happening a lot in the manga lately... well acording to Mangastream), a bit of gore (I was reading a Stephen King novel today... he inspired me to it) and a detailed age regression.
Warning: Spoilers about recent chapters.
I don't own Naruto.
  • Second Note: The regression is done. I'll explain why Naruto's chakra was used eventually. I'm also sorry for the very lame fighting scene, those are my weak points.
The idea of the "feathered tornado" came from the opening scene of the D. N. Angel anime, which I thought was very strange and yet beautiful at the same time. Well, I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to review!