Raven's Fall (chapter) is chapter 9 of Raven's Fall fanfiction by Kai Maciel.

Raven's Fall (chapter)
Kanji からすの落下するの
Rōmaji Karasu no rakka suru no
Chapter 9
Arc None.
Previous Chapter The Tale of Misbehaved Child
Next Chapter Grown-Up Boy
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Author's Note Edit

  • First Note:
Well, this is the longest chapter I've written for this story. I hope it's not too confusing, that's why I added the dates. Phoenix Rising chapters connected to this one are chapters 18, 19 and 30.
By the way, Naruto didn't spank his son with the katana, he used his open palm! Enjoy!
  • Second Note:
Okay, I hope no one is confused anymore. Sasuke-chan is back, though he still has the body of a sixteen year old. Next chapter, it will be revealed how he was kidnapped by Kabuto. I will update Phoenix Rising when I finish Raven's Fall. See you guys then!