Prologue: Dream's End
Kanji 夢の終わり
Rōmaji Yume no Owari
Chapter 1
Arc Rebirth Arc
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Next Chapter Decision
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Summary Edit

Tsunade announced the death of Sasuke Uchiha. The Konoha 11 were all mourning. Sakura Haruno was very guilty of putting the burden to Naruto Uzumaki. As for Naruto, the lady Hokage sent him a letter and everything was according to the plan. Naruto felt guilty as he remembered his team and all the friends he had left in Konoha. He sincerely was hoping that Sakura was not crying. He knew she was stronger than she looked and would eventually move on, as she did when Sasuke betrayed Konoha when they were children. Naruto knew he would not be able to return to Konoha so early or even have contact with the companions he had left. After all, he had lied to them. Beside him, lying on the sheets of an old futon of the small room of the inn he was staying, Sasuke was fast asleep.

Author's Note Edit

I've been thinking of writing this story for a while, but I lacked both the time and the inspiration to think of a decent plot. Any ideas or constructive criticisms would be appreciated. I'll try to keep the characters as "in character" as possible. Obviously, that can't happen for Sasuke but I'll give my best not to make him very OOC. I've found several stories with this plot but none with the direction I'll make this story go, which I hope it will be very interesting and different.

Also, I'm Portuguese so English is not my native language even though I've been learning it since I was seven. If I made any mistakes please forgive me and inform me, I'm trying to improve it. Well... enjoy!

PS: This is not yaoi

I do NOT own Naruto.