Hell Night
Child sasuke crying
Jigoku no yoru 地獄の夜



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Hell Night (地獄の夜, Jigoku no yoru) is the chapter 22 of the Phoenix Rising.

Summary Edit

After running away from home to find his real parents, Sasuke wanders off until he reaches a street brothel. After being mocked by some men and prostitutes, Sasuke bumps against a beautiful woman named Chou, who he asks if she is his mother because of their resemblence to each other. Chou decides to play along and brings Sasuke inside the brothel were she works to introduce him to her boss, Chairo, planning to gain money with the boy by selling his body to pedophiles. Realizing that those men and even Chou are bad people, Sasuke manages to run from them and hides inside an abandoned house. Chairo's men decide to burn down the house with Sasuke still inside and trap him in the burning building. Meanwhile, Naruto wakes up and realizes that Sasuke is missing. After encountering the orphan boy, he finds out that Sasuke was being persued and finds the men who did it. Beating them up, one of the men confesses what they did to Sasuke and Naruto goes to burning Mansion to save him. However, Naruto gets his foot stuck on the floor and trows Sasuke out of the building before it colapses. Horrified and feeling guilty, Sasuke looks helplessly as the house falls down on his father and then as a very injured Naruto goes to the hospital to have surgery. As he waits, Sasuke has a dream where Naruto leaves him with his biological parents and then disappears because his not needed anymore. When he wakes up, Sasuke goes see Naruto in his room but is unable to face him because of his fears of being rejected because of what he did and because he is not his "real" son. After Naruto reassures him and apologises for making him sad, he reveals to Sasuke that his parents died when he was very young. Then, Naruto decides to reveal to Sasuke that he was born twice.

Author's Note Edit

  1. First Note: Hey guys! I had this chapter half done so I decided to finished it.

There are several myths about adoption, one of them is that adoptees will leave the adoptive parents once they reunite with their biological parents; another is that an adoptee can never love his adoptive parents as if they were related by blood. I'm not adopted, so I can't truly understand their feelings. I wonder if any of you was so you can give me your opinion on this?

However, I don't believe those myths to be true. Maybe on some cases yes, but not all.

Warning: this chapter metions prostition and pedophilia.

  1. Second Note: That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know this is still a bit early, but don't worry. Naruto is going to choose his words and information.