Freak Out
Kanji 訳の分からないことをする
Rōmaji Wake no wakaranai koto o suru
Chapter 4
Arc None
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Next Chapter Reborn from the Ashes
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Freak Out (訳の分からないことをする, Wake no wakaranai koto o suru) is chapter 4 of Phoenix Rising.

Summary Edit

Naruto could not believe his eyes: in the middle of Sasuke's clothes, was a newborn baby. Realizing that the baby was real, Naruto wondered who it would be. Where did he come from? Why was he there? The baby continued to cry and Naruto soon realized it was Sasuke. He was reluctant to hold the baby but he should and Naruto panicked when he noticed a long strip of meat that coming from Sasuke's navel. He even tried to put him back but couldn't... it was as if the thing had been born from his belly. Still crying, Naruto removed his jacket and covered it to Sasuke. Gradually, the baby stopped crying. His onyx eyes, filled with tears, opened softly and stared at Naruto. Sasuke kept staring at Naruto with a look of awe his face, but he seemed calmer. Naruto continued rocking Sasuke back and forth, not really understanding why it comforted the boy. The baby closed his eyes again. Shortly after, his breathing became regular, falling asleep.

Desperate, Naruto did the only thing he remembered. Landing Sasuke carefully, Naruto bit his thumb until it bled and summon Gamakichi to reverse-summon them to Mount Myoboku and burn Sasuke's clothes. Finally, Naruto was surrounded by smoke and disappeared. In the clearing, all that was left were ashes from Uchiha Sasuke's clothes.

Author's Note Edit

  • First Note:
Well here it is! Like I said, I'm trying to keep the characters "in character", so Naruto doesn't know squat about babies and even less about pregnancy (he thought Kurenai was fat!).
By the away, during this chapter the day is July 23. Sasuke would be 17 (now he is 0) and Naruto is still 16, his birthday is October 10th.
I don't own Naruto.
  • Second Note:
Poor Naruto! Can you guess what the "long strip of meat coming from Sasuke's navel" really is? ^_^
I hope you liked it!