Dream and Nightmare
Sasuke sad
夢と悪夢 (Yume to akumu)

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Dream and Nightmare (夢と悪夢, Yume to akumu) is chapter 55 of Phoenix Rising.

Summary Edit

Two weeks after leaving Konoha, Kakashi realises he is being followed. Yamato and Sai show themselves and reveal that they have been following Kakashi because they knew he was still suspicious about Naruto's story. Kakashi allows them to go with him and informs them that he suspects that Naruto has been hiding Sasuke for the last seven years. Meanwhile, in the Unmei Islands, Sasuke and all the adult-children are feeling increasingly desperate because they couldn't find a way to reverse Nobunaga's curse and are also unable to ask for help because there's a barrier sorrounding the islands, preventing them from leaving. After getting some supplies, Sasuke, whose eyes have been itching and blurring ever since his battle, goes to his usual training spot and reminesces on how he had wanted to be strong to feel closer to his father and his desire to not have a first life, but be normal and have been born from him. Then, he goes home and tells the unconscious Naruto all his feelings but also sorrowly decides that if Naruto truly misses his old self, Sasuke was going to become him again and restore their old bond, not wanting Naruto to make anymore sacrifices for him. In his sleep, Naruto hears a crying boy but is awaken by his mother, Kushina, before he's able to reach him. Though confused by his urge to comfort and be with the child, Naruto goes along with Sakura, Kakashi and Sasuke Uchiha to a A rank mission. However, when Sasuke tries to distract the enemy, Naruto finds himself very concerned about his safety, much to his confusion.

Author's Note Edit

First Note
Hi! I've reached the 2000 reviews! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I swear, I never thought I would this far. Also, the Phoenix Rising Wiki has been born, thanks to NarutoGirlAddict (you are AWESOME!). The link is on my profile page! Feel free to see it and I'll apreciate your help with the editing if you want ^_^
As for the amv/trailer, there's no time limit. I just want to see the video, to those who are interested.
Second Note
I just hope you guys aren't confused about what just happened. More will be explained next chapter.
I hope you like it. As always, please review. Your words keep me going and I would have stopped a long time ago if you didn't ask me to keep writing!