Naruto's sorrow
Kanji 決定
Rōmaji Kettei
Chapter 2
Arc Rebirth Arc
Previous Chapter Dream's End
Next Chapter Reborn from the Ashes
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Decision (決定, Kettei) is the chapter 2 of the Phoenix Rising.

Summary Edit

Several months earlier, Naruto sees Guren and Yukimaru walking down the street of Konoha and he goes to greet them. Guren reveals that she came to give Tsunade information about Sasuke Uchiha. Guren saw how Sasuke is ruthlessly killing the innocent people of a village and who is apparently insane because he believes that his parents and brother are cheering him on. He also calls out to Naruto so that he can fight him. It is revealed that after Naruto and Sasuke fought during the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke was defeated but Naruto allowed him to escape. Feeling guilty, Naruto goes to the Hokage and informs her that he will go to face and stop Sasuke on his own. After Tsunade asks him if he is really capable of killing Sasuke because that is the only way to stop him, a heartbroken Naruto confirms that he is ready to do his duty.

Author's Note Edit

  • First Note:
I got reviews! People are reading my story! It makes me so happy! Thanks!
As promised, here's the second chapter. I decided to split my original chapter in two because it would end up way too long. Enjoy!
  • Second Note:
Okay, this was the first chapter. It's a bit difficult to tell the past from the future and I don't want to give a lot of information at this point (where's the fun in that ^_^)
Please tell me what you think! See ya!