Darkness and Light
闇と光 (Yami to hikari)

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Darkness and Light (闇と光, Yami to hikari) is chapter 45 of Phoenix Rising.

Summary Edit

In the Children's Islands, a group of young boys find a mysterious temple with a sword trapped in a crystal inside the caves. Akio, one of the boys, looks at the crystal and then stares at his friends with an omious grim. The next day, Sasuke starts his first day at school with the samurai children. During the kenjutsu class, he meets the class genius and the Island's leader's son, Riku Sanada, only to be beaten by him. When Naruto goes to pick up Sasuke from school, the boy is angry and humiliated because of his defeat. As Naruto tries to figure out what was wrong, Sasuke shouts at him angrily and ends up insulting him by calling Naruto a "loser" and a "hopeless Dobe". Saddened and revolted, Naruto slaps Sasuke in the face and vanishes, leaving a confused, guilty and grief-striken Sasuke on the ground. Remorseful, Sasuke decides to wait for his father to come home but, at nightfall, he decides to go look for him. Meanwhile, Naruto had fallen asleep in a bar and decides it's time to go home and face Sasuke, thinking that the boy didn't change despite being his son and still carried Sasuke Uchiha's darkness within him. He then overhears a child, revealed to be Sasuke, asking one of the captains of the ships to take him with them because he believes his father had left the Islands because of him. After being told to go away, Sasuke bursts into tears of despair and Naruto appears before him. Sorrowful, Sasuke apologises for his behaviour and Naruto takes him home. The boy then tells him about his defeat by Riku's hand and once again wonders who Naruto loves more: him or his rival.

Author's Note Edit

First Note
Hi! I wanted to warn you that I slightly changed some of the chapters to fit *spoilers* Itachi's wishes from chapter 549 of the manga.
So the rebirth jutsu is the second power Itachi gave Naruto just in case he definitely couldn't save Sasuke without killing him and no one knows about the Uchiha's coup attempt except Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato and Tsunade.
Naruto asked for Itachi and Shisui's names to be carved in the memorial stone.
Second Note
Huff… I'm tired… I haven't written such a long chapter for a while. I hope you liked it.
Oh! By the way, I posted a new story called "After the End". It's a "going to the future" time-travel story where Naruto and Sasuke travel fifteen years into the future after clashing in the Valley of the End. That is not the time-travel spin-off that you voted for, in that one Uzumaki Sasuke travels to the past.
Now… is "After the End" connected to "Phoenix Rising"? Maybe… ^_^