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Oshoku 汚職



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Corruption (汚職, Oshoku)) is the chapter 49 of Phoenix Rising.

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Author's Note Edit

  1. First Note:Ok… like I said, Raven's Fall is cannon for this story. Some of you even told me to make it a mandatory read for Phoenix Rising.

I don't and can't force anyone to read it, but you'll understand this chapter a bit better regarding Sasuke's rebirth jutsu and its limits if you do.

  1. Second Note: Yeah, I "played" with Sasuke's age again! I admit… I love age regression and age progression stories.

As for the Shiraha Rebirth jutsu, it wasn't broken. Like it was said on the first chapters, there are jutsus that can age a person. Sasuke can be aged (those who read Raven's Fall know what I'm talking about), he can even gain an adult mind, which was what happened in this chapter. What he can't become is his complete old self again, along with his memories.

Raven's Fall deals with that kind of situation and how the rebirth jutsu works should anyone try to bring Uchiha Sasuke fully back.

Nobunaga need an army and he used the children, turning them into strong and intelligent warriors to do his bidding. Riku was chosen as his new vessel.