Black Rebirth of the Phoenix Technique




Hōō ga kuroi fukkatsu no jutsu

literal english

Black Rebirth of the Phoenix Technique

parent jutsu

Transformation Technique

jutsu rank


jutsu classification

Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu

jutsu class type


jutsu range

Short, Mid, Long


Itachi Uchiha


Chapter 3

This Technique is one of the Shiraha clan's most powerful, dangerous and feared jutsu. Using chakra alone, the user can remove years of maturity from the body and mind of an opponent, regressing him/her in age. The more chakra used, more years are removed from the person. A feathered tornado surrounds the opponent and restrains him/her with light ropes, then the chakra slowly regresses the target.In extreme cases, the opponent can be regressed to the moment of his/her birth.

The technique is permanent and the person's memories, knowledge, maturity and prowess are lost forever, but the person can have dream and imagine his/her older self, though those are only echoes of the erased memories.