Before the Phoenix (フェニックスの前に, Fenikkusu no mae ni) is another fanfiction, also written by Kai Maciel. It is the side story of the novel fanfiction Phoenix Rising. It was published on September 2, 2011 via FanFiction.Net. Unlike the two stories, this is actually a time-travel story to the past. This stars Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

Summary Edit

Chapters Edit

  1. Destroy Naruto
  2. Invitation
  3. Red Storm
  4. Past
  5. The Best
  6. The Price for Power
  7. Broken Hearts
  8. Lost Chance
  9. The Worst Reunion
  10. Surprises
  11. Hold My Hand
  12. It's Over
  13. Uzumaki Sasuke
  14. The Second Storm

Trivia Edit

  • This fanfiction reached over 300 views.