Awakening is chapter 1 of Raven's Fall fanfiction by Kai Maciel.

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Author's Note Edit

  • First Note:
Hey there! First of all, thank you for reading my story.
This is a side story from my other fanfic "Phoenix Rising". You can read the main fanfic if you want to understand what's happening better, or you can stay in suspense until it is all revealed in the final chapter. It's up to you. And yes. These are the same characters.
Warning: this might be a bit twisted, that's why I didn't write this on my main fic. Also spoilers for recent manga chapters. This story is not yaoi. It focus on family love.
  • Second Note:
There. What do think so far? It might sound confusing but it will make sense soon, I promise. Do you know who the "blond man" is? ^_^ Feel free to review. I love to hear the readers opinions and sugestions so I can improve the story and get new ideas.